About Us


The Company VILLABOSQUE - Produtos Agrícolas, Lda, was founded in 2015 in the middle region of Ribatejo, having an initial area of about 5.5 hectares has aim

the development of an agricultural project of production and marketing of Green Asparagus,

in 2018 we reached an area of 10 hectares of plantation.

Currently in Portugal 90% of marketed asparagus come from importing the same mainly in South America, the medium-term objective of Villabosque is to become a

leading producer of Green Asparagus nationally.

The first harvest was in the year 2017 with a production of 10 Tonnes, in 2018 the production was of 20 Tonnes,

in the following years the projected annual production will be of 40 to 50 Tons.

The Villabosque has installations with 300 square meters, for separation, preparation and packaging of asparagus and House Refrigerated for their

storage in ideal conditions.

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